No.4 SugarDaddyForMe Review

The most striking thing about sugardaddyforme is that it has a 3-day free trial period, and you can get full acceptance of the site, which does bring a lot of benefits. If you feel beneficial to you, then you need to be a member of them, which makes It stands out among other sugar dating sites.

User Experience

Sugardaddyforme may not be able to give you a refreshing interface. Here you may have some old feelings because its interface has been around for a long time, but it does not hinder some of its modern functions. In fact, you can find all the features you need here, but its design is very simple, if you can overcome this, the result is stars.


Features different from other sugardaddy websites

• Upload any number of photos
• Free members can send 3 messages, you will usually receive more messages in reply
• Free member can get 3 personal photos
Sugardaddyforme hopes to give users more experience to achieve the purpose of payment



Operators are not good at price marketing, here can only pay monthly
Total Access :standard users are allowed to contact you. • Silver membership is $39.95, Silver Membership + Total Access is $54.90.
• Gold is $44.95 and Gold Membership + Total Access is $59.90.
You can only pay by credit card and cheque

Benefits for gold members

• Profile Highlighted in Search Results
• Faster profile approvals
• Profile displayed above other profiles in search results
• Your email message will be highlighted in the recepients inbox
• Receive weekly matches directly in your regular email
• Store an unlimited number of emails in your inbox-no storage
• Instant messanger(IM) include history viewer feature


Why choose sugardaddyforme?

Although the site looks unattractive, because it has been established for many years, you can find earlier Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby here. Here, you can find the earliest sugar dad, they are willing to pay a lot of fees here, indeed there is more credibility.
Most of the sugar dads are in the middle-aged and old age. Perhaps for them, the interface here makes them feel more secure. The father of sugar daddy likes this place very much.
Although its interface has not been greatly updated, security is not a problem, and all data will be encrypted.
You may see a lot of inactive profiles here, as long as you overcome these difficulties, sugardaddymeet is a safe and fun sugar dating site