No.1 SugarDaddy Review

Sugardaddy claims to be the king of sugar daddy websites. In 1998, the purpose of the website was to find escorts until 2017 when it was redirected to sugar daddy websites. Now, the site prohibits escorts and prostitution. Sugardaddy provides members with a free trial period of 3 days, you can enjoy all the features, some members have found the target date during the free trial period.

How to get free trial time?

The same as the registration steps of other websites, you can get your personal information quickly. You can upload any number of photos here, the number one photo will be displayed as a profile, other photos can be displayed publicly or marked as "private or paid users only", private means that others cannot view your photos Unless you give them a password. After successfully logging in to the website, you can see the banner of free trial for three days. If you want to get a free membership, you need to enter your credit card number. If you do not cancel within the trial period, you will be automatically renewed for one month of premium membership.

Free membership privileges

• Custom search, you can perform advanced search by restricting about body, region, country, age, etc.
• View the most attractive members, newest members, recent members
• View full profile, favorites, send kisses
• View distance from members
• Account login history
• Block or like someone


Get membership

• Platinum Member: 1 month $39.95.
• Diamond member: 1 month $44.95.
• Fully connected(Allow non-paying members to contact you): 1 month $14.95.
Advantages of diamond members
• Get the fastest approval
• Highlight in profile and recipient email
• Show above search results
• Store unlimited emails
Platinum members will not be highlighted forever, can receive and send messages, and will not get smart matching emails



The website prohibits any illegal activities, prostitution, escort services, sex transactions, and other forms. If the personal information or website information includes illegal activities, we will terminate and delete your personal information, and permanently prohibit you from accessing the website. Any behavior related to illegal activities will lead to cancellation of membership, and the website has a zero tolerance attitude towards illegal activities. Members of the website must be at least 18 years of age and do not support any commercial purpose. If your email is marked as spam by many people, your account may be suspended or restricted.




At sugardaddy, you can find sugar dad, sugar mom, sugar baby, gay. Since the redirect, the site has taken a severe blow to escorts and prostitution, but you still need to be cautious about the members you contact.
The 3-day trial period does bring you benefits, but if you do n’t want to pay one month ’s premium dues, please note that cancellations are made within 3 days, many people will forget.
In any case, the site does have many years of dating history, remember not to tell others your contact details and home address, and make sure you can get a meaningful connection.