No.3 SugarDaddie Review

Sugardaddie always believes that user quality is a basic requirement for a website. 14 years of reliable records show that sugardaddie is not only a successful factory, but also affirms its standards of excellence. The website uses manual review to ensure the quality of members. At the same time, there are offices in Florida and Kent in the United Kingdom, and you may be contacted by phone.

Create a profile - limited to US, UK, Australia

People in other countries can't get personal information. You may think that the website does not have many people, but it does have 5 million accounts. If you are a person from the above three countries, you will easily get information about Sugar Daddy.


The registration process will not take you a lot of time, only your basic information, of course, you need to upload your personal real photos, you can hide or delete them later. But you may need to wait for some time to pass the manual review.

If you successfully complete these, the benefits will be good.


Senior Member

Because it is just sugardaddie's high labor cost, its charges are slightly higher than the general website, but the experience itself is very favorable, and manual review helps you save a lot of screening time

• $39.99 per month.
• $79.99 for 3 months of premium membership. 26.66 USD / Month
• $134.99 for a 6 month premium subscription. 22.49 USD / Month
• Annual membership is charged at $169.99. 14.16 USD every month

Each payment method requires a one-time checkout



• You can upload 12 photos. Ordinary members can only see your profile photos. Here, you can personalize your profile.
• If you receive spam, you can report it, and the site has responded well to spam.
• The website does have a reporting system to prevent someone from illegally using the website, so you can always be safe.
• Become a senior member to have the right to actively contact other members, ordinary members can only get limited personal information.
• You can put the people you are interested in a certain area, or block someone.



Only all users of the site use the same language, and its strict restrictions and censorship do improve matching efficiency. Its price is higher than other sugar dating sites, but on the other hand, its security features are excellent.
If you are an American, British, Australian generous sugar dad is looking for a sugar baby, or a charming woman who is looking for help. The website is indeed worth a try.