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Agematch is designed to meet dating looking for age gaps, older men looking for young women, and older women looking for young men. In fact, many people are looking for this kind of dating. Older men and women want to come from the vitality of young people, while younger men and women want to have a stable life or improve their quality of life.

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You need to use your email to get a free information, and tell us your gender and identity, of course, there are some basic information you need to fill in, these are not necessary. You can upload 26 photos in your public album. Our staff will review each photo. Photos about children, abuse, sexual implication, nudity and other violations will not be approved.


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The monthly premium members need to pay 29.5 yen, you can start to enjoy all the functions of the site, you can contact any member and send blinks.
• 12 months (approximately $ 11.95 / month) for 1 US simple payment method billing US $ 143.95 (payment by cheque or money order only)
• 6 months (approximately $ 15.95 / month) with a simple US payment method billing $ 95.95
• 3 months (approximately $ 19.95 / month) $ 59.95 with 1 simple American payment
• 1 month (approximately US $ 1.00 per day), with a simple US payment method of US $ 29.95



When you become a standard member of the site, you can get your personal information for free, as well as public and private albums, which can hold 26 long photos. You can search by country or state. If a senior member sends you a message, you can reply.

Become a premium member you can access all functions countless times
• Contact someone
• Keyword search
• Make your photos or personal data private
• View reverse match
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In fact, dating across ages is becoming popular. It seems that this is the perfect relationship we are looking for. Older people are tolerant, calm, younger people are enthusiastic and energetic. Agematch has found the best match for us. If you want a stable and high-quality life, if you want to regain the fun of dating, then here is the website you are looking for.